More New Posts at redcatco

You have found your way to the old WOWNDADI blog site. There are new posts up at redcatco. There is still a lot of traffic to the old site here, but I hope you will subscribe to the feed at the new site: click here for the new RSS feed. Here are some recent articles, which I hope you will enjoy:

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More on the iPod for Productivity

For those of you still here rather than at redcatco, or still reading on the wordpress feed, please check out the very popular post on using the iPod for GTD and capturing memos.

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August Top 10 Posts

Last month’s top 10 is a little later than advertised. I’ll blame the blog move, which has lead to lots of refactoring. I’ve enjoyed reading back through old posts and your comments.

Anyway, straight to the top 10 posts from August:

  1. Get out of the groove…
  2. 10 Tips for better PowerPoint
  3. Watch out for the frogs
  4. See it, hear it – not the death of PowerPoint
  5. A WINning strategy for productivity
  6. 3 Things not to forget in a presentation
  7. ThinkRock is 2 good!
  8. A Time To…
  9. How to Deal with Being Overwhelmed at Work
  10. The Now Habit – Dealing with Procrastination

Don’t forget, the blog has moved to redcatco – the RSS feed is WOWNDAD.

Where’d he go?

Well, after a bit of incubation, the blog is up at it’s new home: Those of you who subscribe via feedburner shouldn’t have to do anything (in fact, you shouldn’t see this – let me know if you do as something’s gone wrong!!!). Those using the WordPress feed need to point your browser/reader to Lots of new features and I finally have the ability to fully optimize the blog and add all the content that has been on my to do list. Let me know how you get on! Comments will be closed on this blog, but open at the new location.